Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

to his faithful service, alumni subscribed to a fund for the purchase of a silver shield, suitably inscribed, which with a substantial check, was presented to him at the 1922 reunion.

The business management of the Journal had been assumed by Herbert F. Taylor, in 1921. In December of that year he began the publication of a supplementary issue, called the In-Between, for use as a medium for news and propaganda to all alumni. In the fall of 1923, Mr. Taylor succeeded Dr. Haynes as editor. A complete change in format had been introduced the previous year, including the use of coated paper and more illustrations. From then on the policy of the magazine was to publish only campus and alumni news, to the exclusion of technical articles.

Another innovation in 1923 was the organization of a Graduate Placement Bureau as a department of the Alumni Office. This service was started on a small scale, but it was reasonably effective for several years, and later was substantially expanded. The activities of the various district associations were expanded during this period. The annual December dinners of New York alumni continued to be highly enjoyable and important events. In 1925 a new association, centering in Hartford, was organized.

The most important forward step of the Alumni Association was the inauguration, in 1924, of the Alumni Fund, a Plan for securing annual gifts instead of making periodic solicitations for capital funds. It was proposed in 1922 by Francis W. Treadway, '90, who had long been active in the Yale University Alumni Fund, which was the first of such college programs. A study of the Yale plan and similar plans at other colleges was assigned to Alfred E. Rankin, '04, Chester M. Inman, '14, and Herbert F. Taylor. After long and careful study, they made a complete report to the General Committee in February, 1924.

This report recommended the establishment of a "Living Endowment" plan at the Institute, and contained numerous contingent proposals. It was recommended that dues be eliminated,


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