Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

year as lecturer in Chemical Engineering. In 1936, D. Francis Calhane took leave of absence and retired after thirty-three years on the staff. He was instructor from 1903 to 1913, assistant professor to 1918, and professor thereafter. To carry on his work in Industrial Chemistry and to build up a course in Chemical Engineering the Trustees secured Frank C. Howard, M. I. T., '17, who for ten years had been a teacher at the University of Illinois.

Arthur M. Tarbox, '28, and Warren R. Purcell, '30, became instructors in Physics in 1931, the latter for four years. Mr. Tarbox succeeded Mr. Townsend as assistant to Professor Richey, and after the latter's death, June 24, 1936, took over the course in Business. The loss of Professor Richey was a severe blow to the Institute. He had been a member of the staff since 1905, and had contributed much to the prestige of the college, not only as a teacher but as an engineering and appraisal consultant.

Richard B. Dow resigned as instructor in Physics in 1932, and Richard A. Beth, '27, returned as assistant professor, having received his doctor's degree from the University of Frankfurt. He achieved added honors in 1934 by being awarded a National Research Council grant for special work at Princeton University for that year. Robert T. Young, Montana, '30, Ph.D. Harvard, '36, became an instructor in Physics in 1935.

Other items concerning the staff that should be included in the chronicle are: that Prof. George H. Haynes was awarded the honorary degree, L.H.D., by Amherst College, his alma mater, in 1933; that Prof. Charles M. Allen was elected vice president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1931; and that Prof. Zelotes W. Coombs was named Dean of Admissions in 1935. Three former professors died during this period, Arthur Kendrick, September 23, 1931; Thomas E. N. Eaton, February 8, 1934, at the age of eighty-seven; and U. Waldo Cutler, April 22, 1936, at the age of eighty-one.


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