Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

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The Campus of 1870

by the Dale General Hospital. Stephen Salisbury, with plenty of land at his disposal and no urgent need to dispose of any of it, offered to give a five-acre tract on Salisbury Street.

The trustees held a special meeting on September 20, and set forth to view the several lots of land offered for their consideration. After due and formal deliberation, they agreed unanimously on the Salisbury property, for which they gave the donor a hearty vote of thanks.

The tract of land conveyed to the Institute on June 4, 1866, was situated between Waldo (later changed to Boynton) Street and Bliss (now West) Street. It was a nearly rectangular area, about 500 feet north and south and about 600 feet east and west, the northern boundary being at a point about 325 feet from the corner of Waldo and Salisbury Streets, and the southern boundary 50 feet north of the south line of Jo Bill Road, then a 33-foot undeveloped street, which was to retain its picturesque name until 1890, when it was changed to Institute Road. The tract contained about six and a half acres and was heavily wooded. Mr. Salisbury specified


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