Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years



THE original resources of the Institute were entirely inadequate, even when measured by the standards of 1865. David Whitcomb probably realized this and, by inducing John Boynton to establish the school in Worcester, hoped to obtain additional endowment as well as building funds.

The good angel of the project from the first was Stephen Salisbury. Lacking his aid it would undoubtedly have failed. Before the school had opened he had donated in land and money an amount nearly equal to the original Boynton gift, and was later to contribute much more generously. The first of his gifts, following the completion of the building fund, was an instruction fund of $10,000, the income of which was to be used to pay instruction costs or for books or apparatus. This gift of November 28, 1866, was followed nearly a year later by an additional donation of $50,000 for a similar purpose. The letter of gift discloses a measure of his character.

The change in the value of money has so impaired the efficiency of the Fund which John Boynton, Esq. most generously gave as the foundation of this Institute, that our citizens cannot have that confidence in the financial strength of the enterprise which is needed to invite assistance and cooperation, and to insure success. To remove this difficulty in some degree, and to encourage contributions from other citizens, which will hereafter be desirable and necessary, I offer to the Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Fifty Thousand Dollars, to be held in trust for the following uses


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