Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

the harassed seniors were included. In the afternoon the Boynton Hall chapel was crowded for a long session. One may well marvel at the fortitude of those who sat through such marathons of speech no less than at the endurance displayed by the speakers.

President Salisbury, in his introductory address, sketched the history of the institution, explained its future needs, and expressed gratitude to those who had assisted in the production of this first group of graduates. The address to the class was given by Prof. William P. Trowbridge of Sheffield Scientific School. It was scholarly and interesting, but because it covered nearly the whole field of pure and applied science and contained an abundance of advice, it must have produced much fidgeting and chair squeaking. In fact, one of the future studies of the trustees was to be "how to maintain order at graduation."

The next address was the valedictory, delivered by Elmer P. Howe, whose attainments and personal qualities had endeared him to both faculty and students during the three years. Principal Thompson then said farewell to the class in his sage and kindly manner. "Be tolerant of all forms of knowledge and belief," he counseled. "The great woe of practical men is the tendency to moderate other kinds of knowledge. Value knowledge for its own sake. It is a good rule for every man, no matter what his business is, to devote a little time each day to some employment as unlike it as possible. The mind needs relaxation as well as the body." Diplomas were delivered by Stephen Salisbury, accompanied by another donation of advice, and the ordeal by oratory was over.

The social climax of the day was a reception at the Salisbury mansion. President Salisbury welcomed the graduates and introduced them to the distinguished company of guests. The other trustees and members of the faculty were present, also Governor Claflin, members of the Massachusetts senate and house, manufacturers, and other noted citizens of


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