WPI Cheers and Songs

Fight Song (E to the X)

E to the X... D-Y, D-X
E to the X... D-X
Cosine, Secant, Tangent, Sine... 3.14159
E-I, Radical, Pi... Fight ’em, Fight ’em, WPI!

Alma Mater

—Williard Hedlund ’10
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Dear Worcester Tech, our Worcester Tech,
Our praises ring to thee.
To alma mater, good and true,
We pledge our loyalty.
Long have we felt thy guiding hand,
Thy teachings broad and free.
With praises loud in every land
We’ll show our love for thee.

Then here’s to good old Worcester Tech.
Come, fellows, join in our refrain.
Wave high the colors crimson and gray
For good old Worcester Tech.

As years roll on and changes bring
To all things great and small,
We still will thee in rev’rence hold
We’ll greet thee, one and all
In accents which no one may doubt
In terms so strong and bold,
The world will know thy worth to us
Increases manyfold.

Tech Marching Song

—C. F. Greene

We’ll root for Worcester, come let ev’ry Tech man cheer.
Worcester can win, so let’s go out and win a vic’try here.
Sons of John Boynton, wave banners high.
Then here’s to our team—the engineers of WPI.
March, march together, Worcester men know how to fight.
We’re out to win now, we’ll support the team with all our might.
Sing Alma Maters, shout to the sky,
Cheer Worcester Tech men—the engineers of WPI.

John Boynton

—H. J. Gay, words; E. C. Brown, music

John Boynton left the Granite State to seek his fortune here.
He got his start on a peddler’s cart that he drove for many a year.
And as he rode o’er Worcester’s hills, one purpose filled his soul,
To found a school for engineers, our college was his goal.

Worcester Tech! Our Alma Mater! Substance of a dreamer’s plan;
Thine the love, the deep devotion of each loyal Worcester Man.
Worcester Tech! Our Alma Mater! Proud are we to sing thy fame.
Vision, Faith, at last triumphant! Honor, glory to thy name!

John Boynton’s sons are scattered now on mountain, plain and shore.
Ten thousand men from Worcester Tech have roamed the planet o’er.
"By hammer and hand, all arts must stand" on this foundation sure
Their works shall be his monument, his dream shall rest secure.

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