Freshman-Sophomore Rivalry Rules

Official Rules took effect on September 18, 1995, amended as of July 2005. The Goat’s Head Trophy will be awarded to the class that wins the majority of the Freshmen-Sophomore Rivalry events of the WPI academic year (Rope Pull, Celebrity Squares, Eskimo Relay, Traditions Day Pennant Rush/Cage Ball/Jeopardy, and Quadfest events). At the discretion of the Goat’s Head Committee, one or more of these events may be substituted. The Trophy must be turned over to the Goat’s Head Committee prior to the last rivalry event and will be awarded after all five events have been completed. The Goat’s Head cannot be stolen once it is awarded to the winning class at the conclusion of the final Freshmen-Sophomore Rivalry event, until the following academic year.

The Goat’s Head Committee must know where the Trophy is at all times and must receive updated information every time the Trophy is moved. When the Trophy changes hands, the last known keeper(s) of the Trophy are responsible for communicating to the committee the name of the new keeper, so that they can be relieved of their responsibility. This must be communicated by e-mail to If it becomes necessary, WPI Administration and/or Campus Police will be notified of the Trophy’s location.

The Goat’s Head Committee shall be made up of the following individuals: a member of the Student Alumni Society (appointed within), a member of Skull Senior Society (appointed within), a member of the Student Government Association (appointed within), two senior members-at-large, two junior members-at-large, two sophomore members-at-large, and two freshman members-at-large, a representative of the WPI faculty or staff exclusive of the Office of Alumni Relations, and a representative of the WPI Office of Alumni Relations. The WPI faculty and/or staff members shall be non-voting members of the committee.

The Goat’s Head must be displayed by the class in possession during Homecoming, Founders Day, Winter Carnival, Traditions Day, and Quadfest. It must be seen by a member of the Goat’s Head Committee and a majority of students attending said events, to be acknowledged.

The Trophy may not be taken beyond the set borders under any condition. The borders are defined on the map given to each class’s representatives and posted at

The Trophy may not be stored in an unsecured location overnight. Long-term storage locations must always be locked.

The Goat’s Head Trophy may not be stolen by or from any member of the Goat’s Head Committee (listed above and posted at

At no time may any member of your class team violate any of the Institute’s conduct policies. Any violation of these policies may lead to disciplinary action within the WPI judicial system. (Please see “Policies” in your Campus Planner & Resource Guide or at

Actions associated with this tradition must be conducted within the guidelines of the established rules. No bodily harm may be inflicted on any participant in either procuring or protecting the Goat and no property harm will be tolerated. If at any time any individual team member of your class violates one of the contest rules, the Trophy will be turned over to the Goat’s Head Committee, which will determine a means of returning the Goat’s Head to circulation. The Trophy is property of WPI; if it becomes necessary, WPI administration and or campus police will become involved.

The Goat’s Head must be returned to the Goat’s Head Committee before 9 a.m. the morning following the last official day (as determined by the Registrar’s Office) of D-Term. It will be returned to the possessing class in the following A-Term.

The Office of Alumni Relations will determine the authenticity of the Goat’s Head Trophy.

Any class may possess the Goat; however, only the Freshman and Sophomore Rivalry events will determine the Goat Head’s true owner. A plaque will be maintained by the Office of Alumni Relations and inscribed with the class year of the winner of each year’s Rivalry Events following Quadfest.

The Goat cannot be defaced in any way and all engraving must be coordinated with the WPI Office of Alumni Relations. The Goat may be engraved with class year numerals only and no engraving of the goat should be larger than one half inch square. Any class that steals the goat may have the Trophy inscribed by the Office of Alumni Relations at no charge.

Any discrepancies of these rules will be reviewed by the Goat’s Head Committee.

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