MS Programs

Studies to Boost K-12 Classroom Success

Learning Sciences & Technologies (LST) students follow an interdisciplinary course of study aimed at improving the way U.S. students learn science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and English. Alongside innovative WPI professors and teachers in K-12 classrooms, graduate students gather data, interact with students, and develop and test techniques that foster increased subject interest and better learning.

Options for the MS

Master’s degree candidates work closely with leaders in intelligent tutoring, cognitive psychology, visualization, and data mining, performing ground-breaking research. The student chooses, with a personal faculty advisor, to follow either the course work MS or the thesis MS. To enter the PhD program, students with a WPI master’s degree in LST must have chosen the thesis option, and meet all other requirements. For further details, refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Depending upon the individual interests of the student, degrees earned in LST lead to entrepreneurial, software developmental, educational, and policy-making careers, with the potential to greatly enhance systems for K-12 learning in the U.S.