PhD Program

Mastery and Innovation in Learning

Learning Sciences & Technologies (LST) doctoral students are expected to attain mastery of the learning sciences, utilizing the basic concepts to create innovative technology, and providing statistical analysis of their work. Core faculty will review students’ progress at least once a year.

Computer science, statistics, and cognitive psychology courses are required in the PhD program, along with classroom research under the direction of innovative WPI faculty, and competency in data analysis and communication. Independent study may be included with the approval of a program director.

Students who completed their master’s degree in LST at WPI and wish to pursue this PhD must have chosen the thesis option for their MS. For further details, refer to the Graduate Catalog.

A Degree to Raise the K-12 Educational Bar

Following students’ areas of personal interest, the PhD in LST will benefit both degree holders and the school systems they contact or influence. Whether designing software that helps K-12 students to learn more efficiently, or leading change in the policies that influence learning, the understanding, capabilities, and insights developed here create opportunities for lifelong success.