The Industrial Microwave Modeling Group

IMMG as a Division of CIMS

WPI's Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics brings together academic research with actual problems facing today's industry.

CIMS' (and hence IMMG's) activities are aiming at:

Technical Area

The Industrial Microwave Modeling Group (IMMG) is concerned with outstanding issues in microwave engineering (including its non-communication domain). In its works, the Group relies on state-of-the-art mathematical modeling, scientific computations, and optimization applied to:

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The IMMG activities offer a variety of educational opportunities for students who might join the related sectors in industry after graduation and bring to it their professional experience in modeling and computation.

On the other hand, industrialists involved with microwave engineering and its applications may benefit from the IMMG unique expertise, international seminars and variety of educational opportunities.

Contact IMMG

Professor Vadim Yakovlev
Mathematical Sciences Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA 01609-2280

Phone: 1-508-831-5495
Fax: 1-508-831-5824
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