17th Seminar "Computer Modeling in Microwave Power Engineering"

Methods and Models for Microwave Processing of Materials

March 11-12, 2015

Bled, Slovenia

Student Contest


Feedback from the previous Seminars in this series indicates that they have been an experience particularly valuable for graduate students, giving them the opportunity to present results of their research, learn about ongoing activities in the field, and to form useful connections with researchers.

Contest for Travel Support

In acknowledgment of this, and in order to further support this trend and make it easier for students to attend the 16th Seminar in Karlsruhe, the Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the availability of two grants (in the amount of 150 Euros each) aiming to cover a part of the related travel expenses. The grants will be awarded to two best student papers (as judged by the designated members of the Program Committee) submitted before the seminar deadline of April 11, 2014.

The grants will be given to the winners at the Closing Session upon the students' presentations at the Seminar.

Terms and Conditions

Students wishing to enter the competition for this award should use the standard submission procedure outlined on the Submission of Abstracts page, and should check the appropriate box on the submission form to indicate that they wish to be considered in this competition.

These travel grants are sponsored by the Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education (AMPERE). As such, only a student who is a member of AMPERE (or whose advisor, being a co-author of the submitted paper, is a member of AMPERE) would be eligible for this grant.

Seminar registration fee cannot be waived and the accommodation rate cannot be reduced/altered for the winners of the travel grants.

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