The Industrial Microwave Modeling Group

11th Seminar "Computer Modeling in Microwave Engineering and Applications"

January 16, 2009

Worcester, MA

Organized by

The Industrial Microwave Modeling Group of Department of Mathematical Science and

Antenna Laboratory of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seminar Chair

Vadim V. Yakovlev, IMMG, WPI

Seminar Co-Chair

Sergey N. Makarov, Antenna Laboratory, WPI

Seminar Site

Campus Center, Hagglund Room (CC301), and
Atwater Kent Laboratories, Room 206 (AK206)

The meeting is held in WPI's Campus Center in Room 301 (a.k.a. Hagglund Room).

WPI Campus Center

Before the technical sessions, the participants meet in the Graduate Lounge (Room 206) of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in Atwater Kent for refreshment and networking.

Atwater Kent Laboratories

Seminar Profile

This meeting is focused on the topics in computational high frequency electromagnetics and should attract engineers, researchers and students working/interested in this discipline.

A specific driving force of this Seminar is the upcoming availability of the 3D conformal FDTD simulator QuickWave-3D/Concerto, one of the most powerful electromagnetic modeling software on the market today, in teaching and research activities of the WPI's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

The event is therefore designed to briefly expose the interested faculty and students to fundamentals of the underlying numerical technique, concepts of its implementation, principles of application of the software, and examples of its employments in research and engineering projects.

The seminar consists of a series of extended talks given by:

The IMMG has been using this modeling software in research and student projects since 1999; this event features the talks about some recent IMMG projects employing QuickWave-3D as a generator of data for the algorithms performing microwave optimization and solving microwave inverse problems.

While it is structured as an "internal" university event, the seminar is open to professionals outside WPI. Academics and industrialists, researchers and engineers, students of different level, everybody interested in computational electromagnetics and, more specifically, time-domain techniques and FDTD simulations, those who wish to learn what this type of modeling can provide are invited to attend.

Seminar Topics

Seminar Information

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