The Industrial Microwave Modeling Group

5th Seminar "Computer Modeling & Microwave Power Industry"

Monday, January 13, 2003
Bethlehem, PA


7:30-8:30 On-site registration. Software installation (ETAC).
Part I. Basics, Concepts, Strategies, and Examples
(Alumni Hall, 101A&B)
1. Introduction. Basics in Computational Electromagnetics and Modeling of Microwave Heating
8:30-8:45am Opening remarks. Objectives of the workshop. (VY)
8:45-9:30am Review of numerical methods of EM modeling. Advantages of FDTD over FEM, discretization, why time domain, finite differentces in time domain, conforming to curvilinear surfaces, etc. Error analysis. (MC)
2. Overview of Electromagnetic Simulators & Special Regimes of Modeling
9:40-10:15am Database of EM software applicable to modeling of problems in microwave heating. Test problem solved by different simulators and examination of their performances. (VY)
10:15-10:50am Special models and algorithms: absolute and average values of the field, average heating patterns, varying media parameters, load rotation/shift, etc. (MC)
3. Simulation with QuickWave-3D: What’s and Why’s & User’s Resources
11:00-11:30am Computational strategy of FDTD modeling of microwave heating. Examples of application of the strategy in system design: concepttual and technical issues. (VY)
11:30-12:00am Practical work with QuickWave-3D: elements and objects, building scenarios out of parameterized libraries, import of CAD files, modal excitation, post-processing, freeze of state of the EM simulator, etc. (MC)
12:00-12:30pm Tour over the ETAC facilities
12:30-1:15pm Lunch (Alumni Hall, 101A&B)
4. Examples of Modeling & Optimization
Illustrations of computations for practical scenarios with live demonstration of QuickWave-3D simulations.
1:15-1:30pm Heating of frozen and defrosted beefburger in a domestic oven. (MC)
1:30-1:45pm Power dissipated in a cylindrical body as a function of wave polarization. (MC)
1:45-2:00pm High-power water load. (VY)
2:00-2-15pm Optimization with QW-Optimizer. (VY)
2:15-2:45pm System design with external optimization procedures: waveguide junction, slotted radiating element, dry load, etc. (VY)
Part II. Exercises in Modeling with QuickWave-3D
(Hartzell Hall, 188)
1. Making the Models - Initial Steps. Solution of Applied Problems
3:00-3:30pm Step-by-step building of projects with the element and object approaches. (VY).
3:30-4:45pm Simple tutorial examples. Creation of models and running simulations of practical scenarios (including the projects suggested by the participants). (MC, VY).
4:45-5:00pm General Discussion & Conclusion
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