Industrial Projects

The Center brings faculty members and technical experts from the company together to review the range of problems the company faces and develop appropriate project opportunities. Together, this group defines and refines the problem statement, discusses possible attacks on the problem, and determines the goals of and a schedule for the project.

Industrial projects can be organized in a wide variety of forms, depending on the difficulty of the project, level of funding, and the time frame required by the industrial partner. Possible options include:

In the case of undegraduate and graduate level projects, the faculty members recruit students with appropriate background. The team makes regular progress reports to the company, working with the company to refine the problem statement as progress is made. The final results of the project are made available to the company in a written report, an oral presentation and, depending on the nature of the project, software or other mathematical tools that can be of long-term use.

A list of projects that have been completed can be viewed on the project list page.

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