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1. General Information

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3. Ethnicity

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(Among applicants who are equally qualified, this information will be used to help us admit an ethnically diverse group of participants. We especially encourage applications from women and ethnic groups historically under-represented in mathemtics graduate programs.)

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4. Education

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5. Areas of Interest

Rate the extent of your background in the following project areas (0 - little or no experience; 5 - highly experienced), as well as your preference for a project in that area (0 - not at all desirable; 5 - highly preferable). Below each category are links to representative examples of past REU projects in that area.

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Applied Statistics


2014 -Predictive Power of a Generalized Preventive Care Segmentation Model
2013 - Analyzing Exome Sequencing Data to Detect Familial ALS Genes
2013 - Analyzing Databases for Patterns in Customer Usage for GenomeQuest
2012 - Modeling Multidimensional Tolerance Stack-up in Excel Using Monte Carlo Simulations
2011 - Evaluation of Glucose Sensor Simulated Use as a Predictor of Device Performance

0 1 2 3 4 5

Mathematical Finance


2013 - Forecasting Latent Business Conditions Using Macroeconomic Factors and the Kalman Filter
2012 - Incorporating Forward-Looking Signals into Covariance Matrix Estimation for Portfolio Optimization
2010 - Sharpe Ratio Versus the Information Ratio: Capturing Minimum Variance Portfolios

0 1 2 3 4 5

Mathematical Modeling


2012 - Modelling Cancer Stem Cell and Non-Stem Cancer Cell Population Growth
2011 - Geometry and Flow Effects on the Performance of Vertical Residential Geothermal heating systems
2010 - Mathematical Modeling of Cobbling Instabilities In Steel Rod Fabrication

Briefly describe your computer programming experience, focusing on the programming languages (e.g., C, C++, Fortran, etc.) and mathematical and statistical software packages (e.g., Matlab, SAS, R, etc.) with which you are most familiar.

Rate the extent of your background in the following application areas (0 - little or no experience; 5 - highly experienced)

Application Area 0 1 2 3 4 5

6. Recommendation

Please arrange to have two or three faculty who know you well write you a letter of recommendation. See the instructions for recommenders.

If you wish, before summission you may print a copy of your application form for your records.

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