Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) 2015 Recommendation Form

REU 2015 in Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA 01609



Please review the following statement before presenting the form to the recommender:

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. Under the provisions of the Act, you have the right, if you are accepted to the REU program at WPI, to review Letters of Recommendation. The Act further provides that you may waive this right. If you wish to waive this right, please sign and date the statement below. It is the Department's policy to evaluate all letters of recommendation without regard to the presence or absence of such a waiver.

I waive my right of access that I may have to this letter of recommendation.

Name of the Applicant: _____________________________________________________
Signature / Date: _____________________________________________________
Name of Recommender: _____________________________________________________
Institution / Position: _____________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
Telephone / Email: _____________________________________________________



It is important that you make clear what particularly qualifies this student for the REU program at WPI. The applicant is applying for an intensive 8-week summer program in which the student will work closely with other students, a faculty advisor and a company representative on mathematical and statistical problems in business and industry. Please comment on the student's ability to work with a team of faculty and students, to communicate both orally and in writing, and to persevere in solving open-ended problems.

Please attach your assessment to this form and mail it to the address shown at the top of this page.


For any questions, please contact: 508-831-5241 (tel), 508-831-5824 (fax), or