Research Experiences For Undergraduates (REU)

REU 2000 Program

REU 2000 Group Picture

The People - The Events - The BBQ - The Party - The Red Sox

The People


Brooke Andersen  Brooke Andersen
Center College, KY
Michael Escovitz  Michael Escovitz
Bowdoin College, ME
Edward De Guzman  Edward De Guzman
Rutgers College, NJ
Barbara Hess  Barbara Hess
Bethel College, MN
Garth Johnson  Garth Johnson
University of Central Arkansas, AR
Wendy Kooiman  Wendy Kooiman
Grand Valley State University, MI
Douglas Mitarotonda  Douglas Mitarotonda
Cornell University, NY
Sandor Swartz  Sandor Swartz
University of Missouri at Rolla, MO
Katherine Tranbarger  Katherine Tranbarger
California Polytechnic State University, CA
Rebecca Wasyk  Rebecca Wasyk
James Madison University, VA

REU Assistant

  Jon Kennedy
WPI, Worcester, MA

The Events - Company Visits

IBM Research Center
IBM Research Center, NY

Pratt & Whitney
Pratt & Whitney



The Party

Party Party

The Red Sox

Red Sox
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