Research Experiences For Undergraduates (REU)

REU 2006 Projects

Expert System Design for Long Term Care Underwriting

Sponsor: John Hancock
Advisors: Prof. Arthur C. Heinricher, Prof. Jon Abraham

Wendy Chen    Rachel Danson    Mary Korch    Melissa Moon
Wendy Chen    Rachel Danson    Mary Korch    Melissa Moon

Long-term Care Insurance underwriters analyze all of the data provided in an application to assess the risk associated with the applicant. The work described here focuses on the applicant's medical conditions and computes a numerical risk score based on these conditions. The model uses a least squares approach to determine how the risk points for several independent medical conditions will accumulate. It includes an additional penalty for comorbid medical conditions. The model has the advantage of objectivity; two applicants with the same set of medical conditions will always receive the same risk score. Results from testing with simulated data show that the model is efficient and eliminates error quickly when the sources of error can be isolated.

Mathematical Model of the Self-Tapping Screw Insertion Process

Sponsor: Bose Corporation
Advisor: Prof. Suzanne Weekes, Prof. Bill Farr

Jason Miller    Alla Shved    Lingfeng Tang
Jason Miller    Alla Shved    Lingfeng Tang

BOSE Inc. uses self-tapping screws in many of its manufacturing processes. The main goals of this project are

1D and 2D Modeling for a Coupled Electromagentic-Thermal Boundary Value Problem

Sponsor: Ferrite, Inc.
Advisor: Prof. Vadim Yakovlev, Prof. Suzanne Weekes

Dena Feldman    Erin Kiley    Daniel Lawver    Jody Mullis   
Dena Feldman    Erin Kiley    Daniel Lawver    Jody Mullis

The Ferrite Company, Inc. has shown interest in minimizing the time required for efficient microwave heating in industrial applications by regulating power supplied to the system. We aim to model this situation in 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensional formulations, solving analytically and numerically the two-way coupled system of differential equations governing electromagnetic power and heat diffusion, and to investigate the feasibility of the use of a pulsing power source in order to optimize efficiency of microwave heating systems.

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