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The following resources are available to students, staff, and faculty via Gordon Library.

  • The Electronic Library of Mathematics contains online journals, article collections, monographs, and other electronic resources in the field of mathematics. All material is in electronic form and access is generally free, except for some periodicals with a "moving wall", i.e., a certain delay period after which resources become freely available.
  • In the broadest sense, JSTOR's mission is to help the scholarly community take advantage of advances in information technologies. In pursuing this mission, JSTOR has adopted a system-wide perspective, taking into account the sometimes conflicting needs of libraries, publishers, and scholars.
  • MathSciNet is a comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature since 1940. It also provides Web access to the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature contained in the Mathematical Reviews Database.
  • Project MUSE offers online access to over 200 journals from numerous scholarly publishers through paid institutional subscriptions.
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