Barry Posterro, BS/MS

North Grafton, MA

Degree earned at WPI:
BS, Mathematical Sciences
MS, Financial Mathematics

What he does:
Barry uses his knowledge of mathematics to analyze processes and data to deepen an understanding of how business evolves. His job as an Associate Director in the Asset Liability Management department at Sun Life Financial involves searching for analogies between apparently diverse business situations to redesign complex, new problems into simpler ones that have existing solutions. Previously, he worked as the Associate Director of Operations, where he was in charge of the business department’s information needs, forecasts, and budgets.

Math on the job:
“In his ten-year career in the insurance industry, Barry has worked in a number of capacities from actuarial to operations and underwriting to investments. He has regularly used topics studied at WPI, including analysis, discrete math, and operations research. Additional skills he frequently uses include stochastic modeling, Markov chain forecasting methods, and simulation.

Barry's background:
From North Grafton, MA, Barry graduated with high distinction from WPI with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences in 1999. Among the accolades he garnered, most prominent were the 1999 Salisbury Prize for mathematics, the 1999 Provost’s MQP Award in mathematics, and the 1999 Senior Mathematical Sciences Major Award.

He says, “I wanted to study math because it offered the opportunities to work on any type of problem: finance, engineering, or biology. The math major offered you the opportunity to become grounded in analytical thinking while still exploring career options.”

Barry received a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from WPI in 2000. He took advantage of the “broad graduate curriculum,” studying analysis, discrete math, and operations research. After finishing his Master’s degree, he worked as an Actuarial Analyst at Sun Life Financial, working his way up to becoming Senior Business Analyst after four years.

When it became clear that his career was taking a definite turn toward the world of finance, he returned to WPI to study financial mathematics. He received a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics in 2010.

“Being involved with the math department at WPI has been a nearly life-long relationship for me; they have always been available to help me grow professionally as my career has progressed,” he says.

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