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Maple Lab

The Mathematical Sciences Maple Lab located in Stratton Hall Room 003 consists of 25 Intel® Core™2 Duo PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 as well as Maple 15. Maple is used in conjunction with Calculus instruction in the lab. The computers are also loaded with several other mathematically orientated programs and are available for general use outside the time the lab is scheduled for course related labs. View the current schedule for the lab.   

Statistics Multimedia Classroom

The Mathematical Sciences Multimedia Classroom located in Kaven Hall Room 202 has 28 Intel® Core™2 Duo computers running Microsoft Windows Vista as well as SAS 9.2 used in conjunction with various Statistics programs offered by the Mathematical Sciences Department. The classroom is open 24 hours a day by ID Access. The lab is available to any student during times that are not scheduled for classes.
Please visit for lab availability.

Financial Multimedia Classroom

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Financial Math Lab is located in Salisbury Labs Room 412. The lab is equipped with 12 Dual Core Workstations with dual monitors and is used in conjunction with the Financial Mathematics Masters Program.

LaTeX and Windows

To LaTeX under Windows you will need 5 pieces of software; fortunately they can all be obtained without cost.

  • MiKTex; You can download it from Make sure you run the 'complete install'. Detailed information on installing Miktex can be found at
    One note: MiKTex can take up to an hour or more to install.
  • Ghost script and Ghost view; You can download the latest versions from
  • Acrobat Reader; you can download the latest version from of all the applications needed this one is most likely already on your Windows computer.
  • A Tex editor such as TeXnicCenter. Winedt can be used without cost for 30 days on a trial basis. TeXnicCenter is open source software and free to use without trial. It's your choice which you wish to use. The first time you start TeXnicCenter you will need to configure it.

Once you have installed all of the necessary applications you will use the Tex editor to edit your LaTeX document and then be able to build and output it to any combination of dvi, ps, and pdf files.

LaTeX and Macs

To LaTeX on a Mac download and install MacTeX.  The needed files can be downloaded from

Help & Support

List of Printers Available in the Mathematical Sciences Department

Location Windows/Printers Name Unix/Linux Q name Model/Type
SH108-Main Office sh_math1 sh-math1 HP B&W Laserjet 601dn w/duplexer
SH108-Main Office sh_ma4 mathcolor09 HP Colorjet 4700dn w/duplexer
SH104D sh_ma1 mathprint3 HP B&W Laserjet P4014dn w/duplexer
SH207 sh_ma7 mathprint207 HP B&W Laserjet 4014n w/duplexer
SH014-Basement sh_ma9 sh-ma9 HP B&W Laserjet 4100 dn w/duplexer
SL405 sl_math1 sl-math1 HP B&W Laserjet 601dn
SL412 ma_finance financialmath HP B&W Laserjet 4050n
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