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Professor Darko Volkov Develops a New Theoretical Calculus Course

MA143X is a new experimental mathematics course offered by the Mathematical Sciences Department that combines the traditional MA1023 curriculum with a theoretical approach.

Darko Volkov

The Mathematical Sciences Department launched an experimental theoretical calculus course, MA143X, in term A'12.  The course was developed by Professor Darko Volkov, and combines MA1023 (Calculus III) with an approach that reaches out to students who are more interested in theory rather than computational drills.  The accompanying course, MA144X, will also be offered during the 2012-2013 academic year, with the hope that both will be made permanent additions to WPI's course catalog in the future.

Tyler Keenan '16, reported on the content and the philosophy of this new course in the September 4, 2012 issue of The Towers, in his article "Calculus III taken to a new level."

September 4, 2012