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Professor Brigitte Servatius authors book "Configurations from a Graphical Viewpoint"

Servatius's new book, published by Birkhäuser, was written in collaboration with T. Pisanski, Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenija.

Configurations from a Graphical Viewpoint

Birkhäuser has just published a new book written by Brigitte Servatius, in collaboration with T. Pisanski, Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenija, entitled  “Configurations from a Graphical Viewpoint.”

“Configurations can be studied from a graph-theoretical viewpoint via the so-called Levi graphs and lie at the heart of graphs, groups, surfaces, and geometries, all of which are very active areas of mathematical exploration.”  The book puts together a wide variety of mathematics topics: “algebraic graph theory is used to introduce groups; topological graph theory is used to explore surfaces; and geometric graph theory is implemented to analyze incidence geometries,” all in a self-contained textbook, “well suited for a graduate graph theory course, an advanced undergraduate seminar, or a self-contained reference for mathematicians and researchers.”

The book has an impressive graphics with over 200 illustrations and includes challenging exercises and a set of open research problems.

Congratulations to Brigitte for her ability to transform sabbatical leaves to books, and for sharing her scientific contributions and vision with the mathematical community.

October 15, 2012