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Team of Six WPI Students Competed in the Travelers Actuarial Case Competition on October 5, 2012

Professor Jon Abraham, Actuarial Program Coordinator and team advisor, calls the competition a "tremendous opportunity to see and be seen by one of the top property and casualty insurers in the country."

2012 Travelers Case Competition

On Friday, October 5, 2012, a team of six WPI students (Mihhail Andrei, Chelsea Bunyaviroch, Zhen He, Kaitlyn Labbay, Krystel Walker, and Yuchen Zhang) competed in the Travelers Actuarial Case Competition, an all-day event in Hartford, CT. This is the third year that WPI has taken part in this event, which Travelers puts on as a way of strengthening ties with their core recruiting schools. This year’s team had a fine performace with a highly creative approach to the challenge, which was to analyze business results for a particular region of the country and to make strategic recommendations going forward.  Competition this year came from Bentley, Bryant, Temple, and the University of Connecticut, whose team was the narrow winner.

We’re counting on being invited back again next year – so, a heads-up to this year’s freshmen and sophomore MAC majors: some of you will form the core of next year’s team!

October 5, 2012