Our PhD Students

Daniel Brady
Fields of Interest: Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Methods

Kyle Dunn
Fields of Interest: finite element analysis, numerical methods, high performance computing

Joseph Gaone
Fields of Interest: Mathematical Modeling, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods

Nguyenho Ho
Fields of Interest: Math Biology, Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods

Erin Kiley
Fields of Interest: Computer modeling of microwave systems and its applications

Yiqing Li
Fields of Interest: Fracture Mechanics, Calculus of Variation, Geometric Measure Theory

Binod Manandhar
Field of Interest: Small Area Estimation

Grigor Nika
Field of Interest: Homogenization

Weijie Pang
Field of Interest: Financial Mathematics

Anthony Rojas
Fields of Interest: Operations Research, Optimization

William Sanguinet
Fields of Interest: Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Physics, Industrial Mathematics

Liang Wang
Field of Interest: Biomathematics

Jared Weed Jared Weed
Fields of Interest: Game Theory, Operations Research, Optimization, Numerical Analysis

Hong Yan Hong Yan
Field of Interest: Bayesian Statistics

Jiani Yin
Fields of Interest: Bayesian Statistics, Nonparametric Bayesian Analysis, Survey and Sampling

Hong Zhang
Field of Interest: Stochastic Analysis and its Application in Finance

Heng Zuo
Field of Interest: Biomathematics

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