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The ATRC welcomes ideas for small-scale projects from agencies serving the disabled population. Projects should address problems related to the design of mechanical and electro-mechanical assistive devices. While we do not have the resources to address all of the device needs and answer all information requests, we conduct some small scale projects to demonstrate collaboration between the university and assistive technology service providers while providing real life project experiences for students in rehabilitation design courses and project activities.

Projects that are suitable for these educational experiences may involve identification of existing technologies, minor adaptations to commercially available devices, and design of custom devices. Students maybe involved in client and/or site evaluations and may request interviews with users, caregivers, OTs, PTs, or others familiar with the userís needs.

Project duration for class activities would normally be 2-4 weeks. Funding for purchase and/or construction materials is generally the responsibility of the sponsoring agency, although some limited funds are available through the ATRC from grants.

The sponsoring agency must agree to provide a liaison between the agency and the ATRC. Any device produced or modified by the ATRC will be given to the sponsoring agency. The sponsoring agency makes the final evaluation as to whether the device should be used by any specific client. The ATRC does not accept project proposals directly from individuals.

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