Advisory Committee Members

Stephen Malkin, ScD, is Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial engineering at the University of Massachusetts, where he has also been Director of the Manufacturing Engineering Program and co-founded of the Center for Manufacturing Productivity. He is an author of more than 200 technical articles and a book Grinding Technology: Theory and Applications of Machining with Abrasives. Stephen is internationally recognized as one of the leading researchers in his field. His professional experience encompasses consulting with more than 35 industrial companies. He is a Fellow the ASME, of the SME, and of the CIRP.

Robert S. Hahn, DSc, is recognized as one of the great luminaries in grinding research. At Heald Machine Company he invented and developed Controlled Force internal grinding machines of which thousands were built and continue to run today. In 1980 he founded Hahn Engineering for developing force-adaptive controls for grinding machines. His papers, books and articles in technical journals have dealt with topics such as vibration and chatter in precision grinding operations, the relation between grinding conditions and thermal damage, and controlled force grinding. He is a fellow of the ASME, and of the SME, a fellow (emeritus) of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), and a member of the National Academy Engineering. Over 40 patents have been issued to him related to machine tools.

John A Webster, PhD, President, and founder, of Cool-Grind Technologies, is a globally recognized expert on grinding. John is known for combining both shop-floor and theoretical experiences in a range of grinding processes. In collaboration with Trevor Howes, Webster launched the Center for Grinding Research and Development at the University of Connecticut. For nine years Webster supervised the research of more than fifty graduate students in the area of grinding and precision manufacturing, gaining experience in all facets of precision finishing. In 1998, Webster joined Saint-Gobain Abrasives to manage their superabrasive research laboratory in the UK, and he managed their Grinding Systems Solutions Group in Worcester, MA. He is a Fellow of the CIRP, Chairman of SME Abrasive Removal Group, and Produced a 500-page review of "Global Fixed Abrasive Grinding Research," for AMT, January 2005.

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