Within the constraints of a single firm's research budget, it is difficult to find advances in the grinding process that hope to offset the effects of global challenges; challenges that continue to chip away at the competitiveness of high-production precision grinding operations. This difficult problem, perhaps impossible to solve as an individual company, is better addressed by a consortium.

By pooling resources and focusing those resources on a common objective, new ranges of opportunities come into reach: opportunities that provide new life to exploiting the high-value-added, production grinding process.

The founding cosponsors of this consortium comprised of a precision grinding machine tool builder, abrasives manufacturer and a technical education and research institution are offering membership to companies involved with production grinding operations. Included are companies engaged in production grinding, production tooling manufacturers, machine controls manufacturers, coolant manufacturers, gaging manufacturers, and accessory equipment manufacturers.

The over reaching goal of this consortium is to obtain measurable, significant improvements in the grinding process for member firms that grind parts: improvements that translate to improved quality and lower costs in grinding operations. By accomplishing this, we as cosponsors are helping to strengthen the industry we serve.

That industry partners may identify areas of study that are to be excluded from publication requirements may be of particular value with respect to competitive concerns.

Therefore, Service Network, Incorporated, Saint Gobain and Worcester Polytechnic Institute are pleased to offer for your consideration membership in this consortium.

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