Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes - Research Consortium

October 2006

Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes, Service Network, Inc. and Saint Gobain invite you to join an industry-led research consortium.

The purpose of the consortium, which operates within Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes, is to improve efficiency and to afford technological advantage to member firms engaged in precision grinding. This is accomplished by advancing grinding process knowledge on specific challenges that face our members, thereby bringing practical applications to use on the manufacturing floor. In addition, this consortium will generate a pool of graduate students who you will come to know: students of the grinding process with distinctive interests, talents and knowledge.

The consortium's research will take place at WPI's Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes which houses the Abrasive Process Laboratory, and WPI's Surface Metrology Laboratory. The Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes is led by Christopher A. Brown and the advisory board includes Robert Hahn, Steven Malkin, and John Webster. Associated faculty at WPI include Kevin Rong and Isa Bar-On. Please see the biography section for more information. The Center also employs WPI graduate students.

If member firms elect, this consortium may keep practical findings for use by the consortium members only.

Proposed Timeline:
Begin November 2006
First full year to begin January 1, 2007.
The end date will be determined by consortium members.

Yearly Contribution Levels Based on Annual Participating Division or Corporate Sales:
Up to $100 million = $15,000
Up to $500 million = $25,000
Up to $1 billion = $50,000
Over $1 billion = $75,000.

We anticipate approximately 12 members and annual contributions of about $300,000 per year, which qualifies the consortium to apply to NIST for U.S. Government grants.

Please find further information on WPI's Center for Advanced Abrasive Processes and a list of proposed research topics for this consortium in the following pages.

We believe that combining the strength of a world-class research laboratory, an international abrasive products manufacturer, and a precision machine tool builder all located in close proximity to form a research consortium presents an opportunity worth consideration. Together with members of the grinding industry we anticipate an effective resource to concentrate on technological advances and to address some of the daily challenges of the grinding process.

We would like to call you in about two weeks to address your questions. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me or any one listed on the enclosed contact list if you have questions or comments.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Ed Camp
Service Network, Inc.

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