Febrary events

02/07/14 Visiting of TCS

Professor Rong and Yuan Lu visited Amphenol TCS at Nashua, NH. They met with Eric Juntait (Engineering Manager), Rob Gustafson (Mechanical Integrity Manager), and Ken LeBlance (New Product Introduction Manager). The student projects and other commonly interested subjects are also discussed during the meeting.

02/12/14 Seminar by Yuan Lu

The CAM Lab member and MS student in Manufacturing Engineering, Mr. Yuan Lu gave a seminar at the graduate seminar series in Manufacturing Engineering. His presentation topic is on “Heat Treat Energy Usage and Reduction Estimation”.

02/13/14-02/19/14 TMS meeting

Professor Rong made a week-long trip to attend TMS conference and visit several universities. While he attended the TMS conference at San Diego, CA, mainly on February 17, Prof. Rong visited University of Notre Dame, South Band, IN on February 13, Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN on February 14, University of California at Los Angeles on February 18, and California Baptist University at Riverside, CA on February 18. Mr. Zhenguo Nie from CAM Lab in China also attended the conference and presented three posters. Mr. Nie is a Ph.D candidate from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and current a visiting scholar at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH for one year. During the trip, Professor Rong visited many professors, school administrators, former CAM Lab members, former MQP in China students, and other friends and students. The discussion topics and areas were quite broad.

02/26/14 Semiar by Guo


Two CAM Lab members presented on the Manufacturing Engineering Graduate Seminar Series. Professor Qinglong An gave a presentation on “Study on Drilling of CFRP Composite Materials” and Guannan Guo presented on “The Aging Process Modeling of Aluminum Alloy”. These presentations reflect their research work mainly sponsored by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and General Motors Company, MI.