March events

3/6  MQP in China program held the second get together with the students who are going to China for MQP and the students who have been to China for MQP in 2013. The project teams are formally formed, with introduction of the three projects sponsored Caterpillar and Rentian Packaging companies. Five exchange students from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China, participated the gathering as well. They arrived United States on March 5 and will conduct their senior project at WPI for two Months. Their two projects are sponsored by Amphenol TCS at Nashua, NH.

3/10       At Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Professor Rong had a meeting with junior students who will be participated in summer international exchange program for senior projects. The projects sponsored by Timken, Johnson Control, and ArcBotics were introduced to the students. This program is in collaboration with University of Notre Dame.

3/11       Professor Rong hosted Saint Gobain Vice President for Research Dr. Didier and Shanghai Research Center Director Mr. Mutu at Tsinghua University, Beijing China. The guests visited several schools at Tsinghua, including Materials, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. A research project contract was signed between CAM Lab at Tsinghua and Saint Gobian Shanghai Research Center.

3/12       CAM Lab at Tsinghua held its first meeting of 2014. Graduate students reported their research progress. Professor Rong provided comments on the reports and performance.

3/14       Professor Rong visited Huazhong University of Science and Technology at Wuhan China, where he participated a workshop, co-sponsored by USA NSF and NFS of China, on Sustainable Manufacturing.  He also had a meeting with the students who are participating WPI-HUST MQP in China program. The projects sponsored by Caterpillar and Wuhan Rentian Packaging Technology companies.

3/19       The MQP in China program had the first PQP meeting at WPI. Besides seven WPI students (in three groups) who are going China for their MQP in summer 2014 (one student was in Australia for IQP now), two groups of exchange students (five)  from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, who are doing their senior projects at WPI in also participated the meeting. The two projects are sponsored by Amphenol TCS, Nashua, NH. During the meeting the students presented their understanding of the projects.

3/20      Mr. Victor Hugo Gonzalez Jaramillo did a presentation on MFE seminar. His speech was on Strategy to Enhance Productivity in SMS Textile Equadorian Companies. Victor is a principal Professor at Espol University of Ecuador and a Ph. D candidate in the Manufacturing Engineering Program at WPI.

3/21       Professor Rong and the five exchange students from HUST visited Amphenol TCS at Nashua, NH. They have a meeting with Mechanical Integrity Manage Rob Gustafson and New Product Introduction Manage Ken LeBlanc as well as their associates, to discuss about the student project specifications. They had a plant tour to the Amphenol new product/production development facility and testing labs as well.

3/27       Mr. Mirek Popielarczyk, did a presentation on MFE seminar. His speech focused on Design and Process Criteria for Additive Manufacturing Powder Bed Technologies. Mirek is a research engineer at Pratt & Whitney and also a Ph.D student in the Manufacturing Engineering Program at WPI.