Current Projects

2013-2015 Aging Process Modeling of Aluminum Alloys, Powertrain, General Motors , Pontiac, MI

2013-2015 Gas Quenching Hardenability of Steel Alloys Center for Heat Treating Excellence

2013-2015             Numerical Control Technique Applications in Polishing Tube-type Workpieces, with Supor Kitchen and Bath Cor. And Shenyang Machine Tools, National 863 High-Tech R&D Program, China
2012-2016             Machining Technology Development for Turbine Engine Production, with Dongfang Electrics Groups, as well as Sichuan University, Chengdu Cutting Tool Research Institute, and Hanjiang Cutting Tool Corporation, National Special Research Program 04, China
2011-2015             Key Technologies in Remanufacturing, with Dalian University of Technology, as well as Shandong University, Harbin Engineering University, Hefei University of Technology, National 973 Program on Fundamental Research, China
2012-2014             Development of Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Precision Numerical Grinding Machines, with Beijing Second Machine Tool Corporation, Beijing City Government, China
2012-2015             Induction-heating based Active Regulation of Residual Stress in Grinding Processes, National Science Foundation of China

Past Projects

Federal Funded Projects

2009-2011US-China Link Initiative at WPI, (Co-PI), the 2009 Business and International Education (BIE) Award, Department of Education (P153A090011)
2006-2009 International Research Experience for Students: Establishment of Engineering Project Center in China,NSF (OISE-0553613)
2007-2008             Heat Treatment Process Modeling and Simulation Tools, NSF STTR Phase I Project with JYL Solutions (IIP-0712132)
2006-2008             Certification of the COTS Engine and Naturalistic Flight Deck Systems for the Next Generation of Small Aircraft, NASA STTR Phase II Project with NexTechno
2003-2007             Internet based Monitoring and Control of Manufacturing Equipment, NSF, Vertical & Horizontal Integration of Manufacturing Courses in Engineering Curriculum, in collaborated with Kettering University, MI

2001-2006             An Energy Savings Model for Heat Treatment of Casting, Department of Energy (DOE) (DE-FC36-01ID14197), in collaboration with University Connecticut, Storrs, CT

2001-2004             Integrated and Computerized Setup Planning and Fixture Design, NSF GOALI Project (DMI-0099804), in collaboration with University of Cincinnati and Delphi Automotive Systems, Dayton, OH

2001-2004             Lean Manufacturing Process Design and Implementation for Wheel Bearing Manufacturing, the Advanced Technology Program (ATP), NIST, in collaboration with Delphi Automotive Systems, Dayton, OH

1998-2001             Automated Dedicated Fixture Design and Verification, NSF GOALI Project (DMI-9734908), in collaboration with Caterpillar and Delphi Automotive Systems

Industraial Funded Projects

2010-2012             Energy Consumption Evaluation in Heat Treatment Processes, Center for Heat Treating Excellence, WPI

2007-2009             Computer-aided Modular Fixture Design for Welding, Caterpillar Research Center, Peoria, IL

2009-2010             Improvement of High Pressure Hydrogen Gas Quenching, Center for Heat Treating Excellence, WPI

2007-2008             Air Quenching Modeling and Simulation, General Motors Powertrain, Pontiac, MI

2007-2008             Casting Design Optimization System (CDOS) Integration with Unigraphics, GM Powertrain, Pontiac, MI

2007-2009             Atmosphere vs. Vacuum Carburizing – Fatigue Test Comparison, Center for Heat Treating Excellence (CHTE), Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

2007-2009             Signature Analysis on Cylindrical OD Grinding, Saint Gobain, Worcester, MA

2006-2008             Characterization, Evaluation, and Removal of Surface Contamination from Pre and Post Heat Treat Processing, CHTE, WPI

2005-2006             Fundamental Research on Grinding Technology, Saint Gobain, Worcester, MA

2004-2006             Expansion of CHT-bf and CHT-cf with Quenching and Tempering, CHTE, WPI

2005                      Probing Macro Automation in UG manufacturing, (PI), Middleton Aerospace Engineering, Middleton, MA

2003-2004             Development of an Analytical Tool for Part Load Design and Temperature Control in Continuous Furnaces, CHTE, WPI

2002-2003             Study on Machining Chip Control in Titanium Turning, GE Aircraft Engines, Hookset, NH

2001-2002             Enhancement of the Computer-aided Heat Treatment Planning System, CHTE, WPI
2001-2004             Rapid Production Systems Design and Verification, Delphi Automotive Systems and Caterpillar Technical Center

2001-2002             Dimensional Variation Control of Assembly; Ford Motors Science Lab., Dearborn, MI

2000-2001             System Analysis, Design and Development for SeaLink Project, Seagate Technology, Scotts Valley, CA

2000-2002             Optimization of Part Load Design and Temperature Control within Loaded Furnace, CHTE, WPI

1999                      Machining Chip Formation and Breaking in 6G Rotor Machining, Visteon/Ford Transmission, Ypsilanti, MI

1999-2001             Computer-aided Fixture Design Verification, Ford Powertrain Operations, Dearborn, MI

1999-2002             Machining Chip Breaking Limit Prediction, Ford Powertrain Operations, Dearborn, MI

1999-2002             Computer-aided Fixture Design and Analysis, Funded by GM/Delphi, Dayton, OH

1999                      Development of the Pro/Ficiency Evaluator, Parametric Technologies Corporation (PTC), Walthem, MA

1997-1999             Automated Modular and Dedicated Fixture Design, (PI), Caterpillar Corporation, Peoria, IL