Welcome to CAM Lab

Computer-aided Manufacturing Laboratory (CAM Lab) is the host of many research projects in design and manufacturing for undergraduate and graduate students. Our fixturing research has been recognized nationally and internationally. The research in manufacturing systems and manufacturing processes is still expanding. Our academic research is combined with industrial application with both federal and industrial funding. We have an integrated research team with research associates, graduate and undergraduate students.

In 2010.9, CAM-Lab in China was established in Tsinghua University, China.



The new version MFE website launched.


  • 4/2  Victor Hugo successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation on A Methodology to Transform Small and Medium Companies to Lean Manufacturing Enterprises in Ecuador. Congratulations to him.

    4/10       Mr. Zhenguo Nie visited WPI and gave a seminar on “Experimental research and numerical simulation of surface integrity of grinding process”. Zhenguo is a Ph. D candidate at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and currently with Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, as a visiting student. He is a member of CAM Lab at Tsinghua.

    4/12       CAM Lab had a get together at Professor Rong’s house to celebrate the year of school, particularly at the spring-coming time. 20+ CAM Lab members and friends enjoyed the food and a lot of talks.

    4/17       Mr. Yao He visited WPI and gave a seminar on “From Biomass to Biofuels: A Brief Discussion on Several Conversion Technologies”. Yao was a member of MQP in China program as an exchange student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and studied at WPI in 2007. Currently he is a Ph.D candidate at Huanan University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou, China and studies at University of Maryland as an exchange student for one and half years. Visiting back WPI was his wish, particularly to see that there are five exchange students from HUST currently studying at WPI. We are glad to have him back, telling stories of his career.

    4/18       MQP in China program had another get together, mainly to discuss about the B term team and projects. About 25 students from the past year team, E term team, and the exchange students from HUST participated in the activities. Besides group formation, project introduction, and travel/living experience exchange, a lot of pictures from a last year team member were shown, as well as Chinese food enjoyed by the participants. There are 7 students going to China in E term and 13 students in B term.

    4/24       Guannan Guo successfully passed his Ph.D qualifying exam in the Manufacturing Engineering Program. His research topic is on Aging Process Modeling and Simulation for Aluminum Alloys. Congratulations to him. 

    4/24       WPI had its senior project (MQP) presentation day. Among 55 posters from ME department, 4 are from the MQP in China center and they are also among the 10 projects sponsored directly by industrial companies. The students presented well to the judges and general visitors, particularly many high school students from the areas of MA, NH, and RI.