Specimen Preparation


A full set of specimen preparation tools are available. These include cutting, slicing, mounting, grinding and polishing. The available machines including one Buehler 12"-wheel cut-off machine, two Mark V CS600 cutters, two Buehler Isomet 11-1180 low speed saws, two Buehler Simplimet II mounting presses, one Buehler EcometIV automatic grinder-polisher, two Buehler Metaserv 2000 grinder-polishers, three Ecomet 5 two-speed grinder-polishers, 3 Century E-plus grinder-polishers, three Buehler Vibromet I polishers, and one Buehler Electromet II polisher-etcher.

Location: WB252, 253, 341
Materials Characterization Laboratory
Specimen Preparation Room

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