PANalytical Empyrean


PANalytical Empyrean is a multipurpose diffractometer redesigned to fit the needs of modern materials research. Its ultimate X-ray platform is able to analyze powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects for crystal structure determination, precise lattice parameter measurements, determination of crystalline size and strain, quantitative analysis of powder mixtures, phase and residual stress analysis. PANalytical Empyrean features its newly developed essential components, including Empyrean tubes, which allow for robust exchange of tube focus and largest variety of tube anode materials; universal PreFIX optics, stages, and accessories, which eliminate the need for re-alignment; and its cutting-edge PIXcel detectors, which has high resolution, high dynamic range and low noise. Its comprehensive software suite for data collection and analysis supports multiple users, unattended and remote operation, and automatic data collection, analysis and reporting.

Location: WB231
Materials Characterization Laboratory
PANalytical Empyrean Diffractometer

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