Organization & Operating Model

The center has a research portfolio operated through the annual membership fee and individual sponsorship of its consortium members. iMdc is also pursuing funding from federal agencies and foundations to complement and extend the research programs supported by the industrial partners.

The center is governed by the by-laws, which include guidelines on the organization and operation of the center, constitution and responsibilities of the steering committee, the process for project selection, and ownership and protection of the intellectual property developed by the consortium.

Steering committee is a group constituted from members of the consortium on a rotational basis, a practice that allows every member company to be part of the board. Steering committee meets twice a year to review, select, and guide the research programs and to discuss the strategic planning, budget, policy changes, and other administrative activities.

iMdc consortium holds two annual meetings, one in the Spring and one in the Winter. At these workshops, the research teams present their research work and meet with focus groups. Focus groups are formed from consortium members to review and provide insight and guidance, bring industrial perspective and support to the research program, and discuss strategies for the implementation of the developments in the industrial setting. This setting provides a platform for creating knowledge in a well-defined context while being able to disseminate it and witness its implementation and impact in/on actual industrial applications.

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