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BS/MS Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the combined B.S./M.S. program in Manufacturing Engineering?
Any undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at WPI is eligible for this program. In addition, undergraduates at WPI in mathematics, the sciences or another engineering department are also eligible. However, these students may be required to take additional supplementary background courses in addition to the degree requirements for the M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering.
2. How do I apply for this program?
First, you must apply for admission to the B.S./M.S. program. Then you must apply for admission to the M.S. program in Manufacturing Engineering using the standard forms that are available from the Graduate Office. Please note that the main purpose of the application for admission to the B.S./M.S. program is to declare the undergraduate courses that you intend to use to meet both the B.S. and M.S. degree requirements. The purpose of the regular admission form is to formally apply for admission to the M.S. program. You must be admitted to the M.S. program in Materials Science and Engineering in order to pursue the B.S./M.S. program.
3. How many courses taken as an undergraduate can count toward an M.S. degree?
Forty percent of the credit hours required for the M.S. degree may be taken under the B.S./M.S. program. In Manufacturing Engineering there are thirty credit hours required for the M.S. degree. Therefore, as 40% of 30 credit hours is 12 credit hours, up to 12 credit hours may be taken while you are an undergraduate student. Usually, these twelve credits will be acquired by the successful completion of four three-credit hour courses. A 1/3 unit undergraduate course is counted as a three-credit hour course for the graduate school. These courses must meet the requirements and specifications for the M.S. degree in Manufacturing Engineering. In addition, you may be required to do additional work in 4000 level courses to obtain graduate credit.
4. Which specific courses may be used by B.S./M.S. students for graduate credit in Manfacturing Engineering prior to the B.S. degree?
The Manufacturing Engineering Faculty has decided that a B.S./M.S. student may take four of the following courses as an undergraduate for B.S./M.S. credit:
5. Can these courses be double dipped (i.e., counted to meet the distribution requirements for the B.S. at WPI and counted to meet the M.S. degree requirements)?
Yes, this double dipping is one of the main advantages of the B.S./M.S. program.
6. When must I declare my intentions to apply for admission into the B.S./M.S. program?

The application for Admission into the B.S./M.S. program must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies before any course to be used in the B.S./M.S. program has been taken (i.e., before the start of the term in which the course is taken). However, you should start planning for this program during your junior year to insure that you will have the necessary background and prerequisites for graduate study.

The Application for Admission to the MS program in Manufacturing Engineering must be submitted by the usual deadlines. For students at WPI these applications and all supporting information should be received by the Office of Graduate Studies by December 15 of their senior (fourth) year.

7. Can I be admitted to the regular M.S. program at WPI and not be admitted to the B.S./M.S. program?
Yes. The B.S./M.S. program was created and designed for outstanding students who are clearly focused and motivated. The faculty committee that reviews your application for this program may decide that it is in your best interests not to pursue this rapid program but to take more time and take more course work to help you to develop and define your goals and directions.
8. Are students from other colleges and universities eligible for this program?
No. Admission is limited to WPI undergraduates.
9. Can I apply for this program late in my senior year or after I graduate?
No. WPI undergraduates must apply early and declare their double dipped courses prior to taking the courses. However, you can apply for the regular M.S. program at any time. If you are seeking financial support, your complete application for Fall semester admission must be in the Graduate Office by February 15.
10. What are the advantages of the B.S./M.S. program?
The program allows you to finish the B.S. and M.S. degrees in five years. In addition, the program encourages advance planning and frequently close coordination between the MQP and the M.S. thesis. This early focus and planning may be ideal for the outstanding student who knows his interests and goals.
11. What are the disadvantages of the B.S./M.S. program?
For the student with a wide variety of interests and no clearly decided focus, this program may be too limiting in terms of the variety of courses that will be taken and the early definition of the thesis topic. For these students who what to pursue and M.S. degree but do not want early focus and the additional limitations of the B.S./M.S. program, the regular M.S. program with the availability of more course work and time may be the best idea.
12. What does a typical program in the B.S./M.S. program look like?
There are no typical programs. However, a student may take four courses (3 ME and 1 MA, for example) during the senior year for a total of 12 credits. During the fifth year the student could take three courses and four credit hours of thesis each semester. At the end of the Spring semester the student will have 30 total credits with 6 M.S. thesis credits. This total meets our minimum credit requirements for an M.S. degree. However, in order to receive the M.S. degree the thesis must be completed and defended and filed in the library in addition to meeting all of the additional requirements in terms of a sufficient number of 500 or 600 level courses, a mathematics course and minimum grade point average. Please see the M.S. degree requirements in Materials Science and Engineering which are attached.
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