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In the course of teaching and conduction various research projects, I have written a number of computer codes for diverse fluid dynamics projects. Although I strongly believe in the value of writing one's own codes, there are many situations where it can be benificial to have somebody's else code as a starting point. This page also serves as a storage area for my students and myself. I generally believe that for research work, short codes are better than long ones and while some of the codes here are written such that the problem can be specified in an input file, most of them require the user to edit the codes to change the problem setup.

Front Tracking Codes
Two-dimensional version: This is a relatively simple version of a two-dimensional front tracking code using an SOR pressure solver. I often use this version to test out new ideas and to teach new student the basics of the technique. A fairly detailed discussion of the main ideas behind the method can be found in this review article (broken link).
Navier-Stokes Codes
For teaching I have written several simple solvers in MATLAB. For the driven cavity problem there is a vorticty-stream function version as well as a pressure-velocity version. The pressure-velocity code is explained in this draft (broken link).
Vortex Dynamics
Those codes fall into three catagries. Direct summation methods, vortex in cell codes, and panel/boundary integral methods for steady flow.
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