Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits for the partner companies including:

Awareness of and access to new technologies
Participation in the Laboratory's research activities is a rapid, low-cost way for member companies to get "up to speed" in other new areas of technology development
Influence direction of research
For partner companies with an expertise or difficulty in certain areas of surface metrology, lab partnership offers an opportunity to influence the choice of research projects, and thus the direction of future research.
Influence curriculum development
New courses work is and other educational materials continually being developed to meet the evolving needs of industry.
Laboratory partners will be invited to the lab’s workshops. These surface metrology workshops will be held twice per year, along with the steering committee meetings. At the workshops current projects will be reviewed. Other experts may be invited to make presentations and join in the discussions at these sessions.
Increase pool of students with surface metrology experience
The understanding of how surfaces interact and are formed is becoming more and more important in the world of manufacturing. Students working in the lab will gain significant insight into these phenomena as well as in the application of research, scientific skills, and engineering design.
More awareness of your company among all students at WPI
The Laboratory actively supports courses in the ME curriculum and recruits undergraduate students from this pool. Also, it can be shown that an active research center creates an atmosphere of excitement about the companies who are sponsoring research and project work. This helps to create a positive "word-of-mouth" among students that has proven to be a far more effective recommendation for your company than any brochure!
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