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The Surface Metrology Laboratory (Surf Met Lab) at WPI is addressing the scientific and engineering needs of the industrial community in the field of surface metrology – conducting research on roughness and its influence on surface performance as well as how to measure, analyze, control and produce surface textures.

We would like organizations like yours to join the lab, benefit from access to our research and students, provide us with your perspective, serve on our steering committee, help us set our research agenda, and support the lab’s students, personnel, professional travel, and research infrastructure.

For 2009, Full Partnership costs $25,000 per year. Corresponding Partnership costs $15,000 per year. Payments can be made every six months. A two year commitment is suggested.

There is an excellent return on your investment in the Surf Met Lab:

If you are interested in joining the lab or would like more information, or a video about scale-sensitive fractal analysis, or if you would like to add someone to, remove yourself from, or correct our mailing list, please email us at

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