Accelerated CNC Machining at WPI

Accelerated Courses in CNC Machining

There are several courses offered at the WPI HAAS Technical Education Center. Our courses are taught by combination of WPI faculty, staff, and students, as well as volunteers from the SME Chapter 25. Course schedules vary and can be flexible. All of our courses offer a significant amount of hands on time using a variety of HAAS machine tools.

Good diversity from CAD/CAM to machining the part.

Manufacturing Engineering at WPI

In the 1980’s Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), became one of the first schools in the country to offer an ABET accredited B.S. degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Now the Manufacturing Engineering program at WPI is proud to offer training to industry professionals in the area of CNC manufacturing. Through the efforts of the forward thinking machine tool manufacturer, Haas Automation, WPI has arguably the best CNC machining teaching laboratories across the country. It is in these laboratories that course participants will receive application-based education by being personally taken through the CNC manufacturing process. The courses are separated into four different levels with each level building on material taught in earlier levels. Those who successfully complete each level will be issued a certificate. The four courses, when taken in series, will give course participants the basic skill sets required to operate a CNC machine, knowledge of tooling selection, fixturing, and the limitations of the process. Personalized courses will also be available upon request.

Lectures and immediate use of the CAM software and machines tools was most valuable.

Why CNC at WPI?

Manufacturing has a strong presence in New England and WPI’s Manufacturing Program continues this tradition with our advanced CNC machining laboratories. Our accelerated courses give participants an opportunity to go from a CAD design to CAM software to a finished part within a few hours.

Course structured very well, hiding some details at first and then introducing them on subsequent course days in manageable chunks.

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Schedule for CNC Machining at WPI

We are currently determining the scedule for upcoming classes. Please email for more information.