Information for Students

The Haas Technical Education Center at WPI is a valuable resource for students with IQPs and MQPs. Before working in the labs we ask that students join the Manufacturing Laboratories myWPI group, and register their project. Follow the instructions in this document: Before Working in the Manufacturing Labs (.pdf, 232kb)

Labs are open for use by WPI students for both school and personal projects.

Before entering the facility you should be familiar with the General Policies and Safety Guidelines.

  • The facility is closed for student work unless a Lab Monitor is present and has opened it for use.
  • Everyone must check in with the Lab Monitor before entering the facility.
  • Safety glasses are required when present in the facility. Under normal circumstances they may be removed while working at a computer in the "Class Room Area" in WB107, but may be required even there if activities in adjacent work areas might cause chips or debris to be thrown or blown into the area.


The Manufacturing Labs contain powerful machinery that can cause serious injury. Just as you would not operate a car, do not approach or attempt to operate any of the equipment in the labs if your judgment, reactions, balance, equilibrium, or ability toreason are impaired by anything, including: fatigue, drowsiness, medication, alcohol, and drugs.

General Policies

  • Only authorized “Users " may use the facilities of the Manufacturing Laboratories.
  • "Users" may only use tools and equipment that they have been specifically trained and authorized to use.
  • The Following machine tools are entrusted to WPI by HAAS and each instance of use must be approved in advance by a staff member:
    • SL20
    • VM3
    • VF4
    • MDC
  • Under no circumstances are "Users" to attempt to modify or repair any equipment unless they have been specifically directed to by one of the manufacturing laboratories staff.

  • "Users" may use the facilities only if there is an authorized "Lab Monitor" present and they have checked in with the Lab Monitor.
  • "Users" may only use the facilities at the current Lab Monitor's discretion.
  • Each academic year all "Users" are required to take the Safety Quiz and pass with 100% before working in the lab. A link to the quiz is located at the bottom of this page.

Safety Guidelines

The safe operation of the facilities is the responsibility of all Users.

  • If someone gets seriously hurt in the lab, hit the closest Emergency Stop button immediately, then call Campus Police at x5555.
  • When entering the lab, always put safety glasses on first, even if you are only walking through.
  • There need to be at least two people in the lab at any time that a machine is in use.
  • If you are walking away from a machine tool and it is not actively running a program, you should always depress the emergency stop on that tool. This will keep others from inadvertently starting whatever program happens to be in memory.
  • Feet should be enclosed in appropriate footwear. No open-toed or open-heeled shoes of any kind are allowed to be worn in the shop.
  • Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in a machine. Always tie back long hair and anything hanging from your neck.
  • If long chips are affecting your work, always stop all machine motion, then use a tool to reach in and remove the chips. Be careful; they are sharp and could also be hot.
  • If someone is welding in the weld shop, always wear the appropriate eye protection and weld coat before entering the room.
  • If you want to listen to music on headphones, the wire must be tucked in behind clothing and one ear piece must be out to allow you to hear what's going on in the lab.
  • Everything must be cleaned up before you can leave the shop and all tools must be put away. If someone can look at a machine and identify what material you were cutting, the machine is not clean enough.
  • If you do not know how to do something, do not guess. Ask a staff member or work study.
  • If you see someone else doing something that doesn't look safe, stop them and notify a staff member or the lab monitor.
  • All injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported to the nearest staff member or lab monitor.