Aerospace Engineering

With a Solid Grounding, the Sky’s the Limit

Students in WPI's Aerospace Engineering program gain a comprehensive education in aerospace engineering that is complemented by strong technical competency in the fundamental principles of mathematics and basic science.

The hands-on aspect of the program—consistent with WPI’s philosophy—includes the completion of an aerospace-related Major Qualifying Project (MQP) and wide-ranging laboratory work within courses. Experimental facilities available for course and projects in aerospace engineering include wind tunnels, vacuum chambers, and controls instrumentation.

The structure of the Aerospace Engineering program broadens students' educational scope and provides career opportunities in both aeronautics- and astronautics-related fields. 



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WPI Students Soar at NASA Workshop

Students Elizabeth Dawson (BS, ‘12) and Andrew Bigelow (BS, ‘11) along with Prof. John Blandino, participated in NASA’s RockOn 2011 workshop, in which student teams built, programmed, tested, and flew an instrument payload on a sounding rocket.

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The US aerospace industry is a world leader and one of the largest contributors to the US economy.