The French and Indian War

The French and Indian war was a series of armed conflicts between England's colonies in North America on one side and the rival European colonies on the other during the period of 1689-1763. Each conflict was part of a larger war in Europe and on the High seas. The war reached North America in 1753-1763 in what is considered the Colonial Wars, and involved Colonial military leaders who would later play important roles in the American Revolution.

The significance of this conflict was two fold:

  1. The British decided that after defending the colonies that it was time for them to start paying for it. They instigated taxes on the colonies without having American representatives in Britain. This started the large disputes between the colonies and Britain.
  2. The conflicts were a training ground for the colonial troops. Many of the provincial leaders and soldiers on the field that day were experienced veterans from the French and Indian wars. While the British leaders were also experienced, most of their troops had never seen combat.
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