American Propaganda After April 19, 1775

The following is an excerpt from a paper written on April 21, 1775. It shows the amount of propaganda the revolutionaries were prepared to create to swing the undecided one third of the populace in their favor.

Bloody Butchery by the British Troops, Or The Runaway Fight of the Regulars

"Being the PARTICULARS of the VICTORIOUS BATTLE fought at and near CONCORD, situated Twenty Miles from Boston, in the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, between Two Thousand Regular troops, belonging to His Britannic Majesty, and a few Hundred Provincial Troops, belonging to the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, which lasted from sunrise until sunset, on the 19th of April, 1775, when it was decided greatly in favor of the later...They pillaged almost every house they passed by, breaking and destroying doors, windows, glasses, &c., and carrying off clothing and other valuable effects. It appeared to be their design to burn and destroy all before them; and nothing but our vigorous pursuit prevented their infernal purposes from being put in execution. But the savage barbarity exercised upon the bodies of our own unfortunate bretheren who fell, is almost incredible. Not content with shooting down the unarmed, aged and infirm, they disregarded the cries of the wounded, killed them without mercy, and mangling their bodies in a most shocking manner."

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