Burgoyne's Plan for Reconnaissance at Bemis Heights

Burgoyne planned a second advance in three columns, again as a center and two wings. The left column under Major Acland was to be his own grenadiers. The center column was to be commanded by Riedesel. This column would be made up of Brunswicker detachments, Breymann's jaegers, and the 24th Regiment of Foot. The right column was to be led by Major Balcarres and be composed of the remaining light infantry companies. Behind these columns the artillery pieces, 10 total, were moved.

The general composition of each of the three columns is outlined below:

Burgoyne's 2nd Reconnaissance Forces
Major Acland Major General von Riedesel Major Balcarres
Major Acland's Grenadiers Brunswicker Detachments
Breymann's Jagers
24th Regiment of Foot
Remaining Light Infantry
Artillery - 10 Cannon : 6 six-pounders, 2 twelve-pounders, and 2 howitzers
Total 1,500 Regulars Plus 600 Auxiliaries

Information on the strength of the British expedition at Bemis Heights is scarce. The numbers provided here are approximations based upon the historical research of COL John R. Elting published in The Battles of Saratoga as well as figures taken from other sources such as Wood, Boatner, and Furneaux.

See Unit Definitions for rough unit sizes.

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