Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument Association was incorporated in 1823 for the purpose of purchasing the battle grounds of June 17, 1775 and constructing on the site a suitable memorial.

The Association appointed a Board of Artists to recommend a form for the monument. The board, which included Daniel Webster, Gilbert Stuart and Loammi Baldwin, chose an obelisk. Baldwin, a noted engineer, is credited with being the monument's designer.

Construction, under the direction of architect Solomon Willard, began in 1827, but work was frequently halted as available funds were depleted. To bring the project to completion the Association in 1838 began to sell off the ten acres of the battlefield as house lots, eventually preserving only the summit of Breed's Hill as the monument grounds. On June 17, 1843, with Daniel Webster as orator, the completed monument was dedicated.

The Bunker Hill Monument Association maintained the monument grounds until 1919 when it was turned over to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 1976 the Bunker Hill Monument was transferred to the National Park Service and became a unit of the Boston National Historical Park.

Taken from the Boston National Historical Park Guide.

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