Final Assault on Breed's Hill

General Howe decided on a new course of action. Using the remnants of his eleven companies of Light Infantry, he began a skirmish near the rail fence/ stone wall. This sporadic, ineffectual firing served to fix Starks' and Knowlton's men in place. Meanwhile, he sent elements towards the fleches and breastworks to overrun the Americans entrenched there. At the same time, General Pigot was to attack the southern end of the breastworks and the redoubt, and General Clinton, newly arived with 400 reinforcements from Boston, would swing south and assault the redoubt from the south and rear.

Under the cover of his artillery, now equipped with the corect ammunition, the British moved forward, assaulting the entire American line. The fleche and breastworks were pounded savagely and gave way. With Starks' and Knowlton's men pinned down, the British were able to move south and attack the redoubt from three sides. Low on water, powder and shot to begin with, Colonel Prescott's men in the redoubt soon ran out of ammunition and the redoubt was breached. The Americans, largely without bayonets, were no match for the charging British Infantry, and retreated.

The British pursued the withdrawing Americans to Bunker's Hill, which they fortified. Stark and Knowlton moved back toward the Charlestown neck and covered the retreat of Prescott and Putnam, preventing a complete rout.

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