Second Assault on Breed's Hill

General Howe regrouped his shattered Light Infantry and Grenadier columns. Realizing that the beach area was a trap, Howe sintended to exploit the weak area in the American center at the fleches. He sent his Light Infantry to attack the rail fence while Pigot assaulted the breastworks and redoubt. Howe reasoned that a general attack all along the American lines would keep them pinned down enough to breach their defenses.

Howe met the same resistance as in the first asssault. His companies were quickly shattered by the colonials. Stark and Knowlton's men rested their muskets on the walls before them for surer aim and paid special attention to British officers. At the redoubt, Pigot was given the same treatment. A steady stream of fire from the redoubt and breastworks ended the British advance and sent the survivors running back out of range.

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