Lexington Concord Staff Ride Integration Phase

Locations for discussion:

  1. The Old North Bridge
    This site is good for discussion, it is wide open, good for collecting groups together, and has several significant changes in terrain to discuss.
  2. The Bloody Curve
    This site is the largest conflict in the staff ride. It has good parking, and good terrain interity.The placement of troops can easily be seen, and the corners can be easily traversed.

Sample discussion topics:

  1. What were the strengths / weaknesses of the positions of the offenses in all the major encounters?
  2. Was the scarcity of British ammunition the main cause of the American success against the British retreat?
  3. How could the American forces have benefited from a more unified command?
  4. How did Brook's hill effect the next battle at Bloody Curve?
  5. Did Smith make the right decisions at Bloody Curve?
  6. Why did Parker hold his ground on Lexington Green?
  7. What are the major political reprocussions of the battle?
  8. Why is Meriam's Corner so significant considering the light casualties.
  9. Apply Troop Leading Procedures to British actions at Lexington.

Sample After Action Review Form

Lexington Concord Staff Ride

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